Below you will find a collection of projects that play a vital role in supporting customer retention efforts by helping increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to improved customer retention rates. These projects demonstrate how I’ve optimized user experiences to drive customer retention.

My Role

As a Senior Director of User Experience (UX), I play a vital role in shaping the design direction and ensuring exceptional user experiences for our products and services. My responsibilities encompass both leadership and hands-on involvement in various aspects of the design process.

Reduce Case Creation


Customers with good payment history can have a late fee automatically waived in the IVR with no agent interaction.


To automate waiver for eligible late fees and discourage clients from creating Late Fee Dispute cases when not eligible.


First 6 month results:

4510 Total User went through full automated experience and did not need to open a case. Reducing case creation is a priority since a human must be involved for each case created.

  • 3546 Dispute a Charges waived/cases prevented
  • 946 Late fees waived/cases prevented

We are on track for the year end goal.

One Payment


Optimize payment flow and reduce late fees and collection expenses. Clients should be able to make a single payment for all bill types (lease, rental, services, supplies, and credit lines)


We are off to a fantastic start with first-quarter results. See Below.


Users that see the payment reminder go on to make another payment.


Total Multi-bill Payments (million)


Amount collected (million) - 54,701 bills Total additional payments


Conversion rate for payment flow


Total multi-bill payments transactions w/ $7M collected