Enhancing Customer Retention: Strategic Initiatives for Improved Service

As the Senior Director of UX, my mission extends beyond acquiring customers to ensuring their ongoing satisfaction and loyalty. This collection of projects highlights my efforts to retain customers by streamlining processes and reducing friction in key service areas. Through innovative solutions and a deep understanding of user needs, I have led initiatives that not only improve customer experience but also deliver tangible business benefits.

Explore the projects below to see how strategic UX leadership can enhance customer retention and optimize service delivery.

Automating Late Fee Waivers:

Reducing Case Creation and Enhancing Customer Retention


Customers with a good payment history can have late fees automatically waived through the IVR system without requiring agent interaction.


Automate the waiver process for eligible late fees and discourage clients from creating Late Fee Dispute cases when not eligible.

My Role and Actions

As the Director of UX, I led the initiative to automate the late fee waiver process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for eligible customers. I worked closely with the development team to integrate this feature into the IVR system and designed the user flow to minimize the need for human intervention.


  • 4510 users went through the full automated experience, avoiding the need to open a case.
  • 3546 dispute charges waived, preventing case creation.
  • 946 late fees waived, preventing case creation.
  • On track to meet year-end goals.
Streamlining Payment Processes:

Optimizing Payment Flow for Customer Convenience


Optimize the payment flow to reduce late fees and collection expenses, enabling clients to make a single payment for all bill types (lease, rental, services, supplies, and credit lines).

My Role and Actions

As the Director of UX, I led the optimization of the payment flow to ensure a smoother and more convenient payment experience for customers. I implemented features such as gentle reminders for remaining open bills upon successful payment transactions, a user flow showing additional open bills ready for payment, and an improved confirmation screen with enhanced communication for open bills and AutoPay. In Phase 2, I introduced new components and data tables to allow users to select multiple bills from the “All Bills” listing screen and make a single payment for multiple bill types.


  • Successful start with promising first-quarter results.
  • Users can now select multiple bills and see a comprehensive summary of their total payment amounts and bill types.
  • Enhanced user experience leading to reduced late fees and collection expenses.


Users that see the payment reminder go on to make another payment.


Total Multi-bill Payments (million)


Amount collected (million) - 54,701 bills Total additional payments


Conversion rate for payment flow


Total multi-bill payments transactions w/ $7M collected