Below you will find a collection of projects that play a vital role in supporting customer growth efforts by ensuring that existing customers have a positive experience and are more likely to become repeat customers and advocates. These projects demonstrate how I’ve optimized user experiences to drive customer growth.

My Role

As a Senior Director of User Experience (UX), I play a vital role in shaping the design direction and ensuring exceptional user experiences for our products and services. My responsibilities encompass both leadership and hands-on involvement in various aspects of the design process.

Ecommerce Personalization


Providing visibility of order history on the supplies landing page with easy access to CTA of reorder would increase ATC and conversion rate.


Test duration: 5 weeks

Total shop revenue increased by $9381 from the variant group, an average weekly increase of $1876

ATC rate increased by 4pp (18%)

22% of the variant group interacted with the reorder modal

Ecommerce Supplies Store

Tools & Methodology

Freehand, Figma, Webflow, LUMA Design Thinking, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics


We beleived we could have a higher ATC rate and conversion rate based on aesthetically optimized cards that prioritize the product with more clarity. We also looked to create trust by pointing out our genuine ink products (that work better in our products than competitors). We also believed that exposing personalized information like recently ordered would make buying easier.


Test Duration 5 weeks

ATC rate increased by 6pp (26%).

  • Total shop revenue increased by $14592 from the variant group, an average weekly increase of $2918
  • Variant AOV also increased by $5
  • Of the variant group, 7% (34) of the visits that added an item to the cart clicked on ‘reorder’ and Reorder clicks accounted for 15% of the variant group’s total revenue
  • 53% of these reorders purchased Ink 787-1 (highest priced ink on the page)
Lease Renewal Flow

Tools & Methodology

Freehand, Figma, LUMA Design Thinking, Adobe Analytics


Displaying Savings for the longer lease terms will help clients understand and assess the savings and might eventually result in an increased take rate for longer lease terms, Instead of displaying the new lease term.


of the renewals chose longer lease term with savings messaging

The longer lease term take rate increased by 12 pp compared to the previous iteration where the same savings were offered for longer lease terms, but the discount messaging was limited to direct mail and email communications and not displayed on the web.

Mobile Cart Optimization


The goal is to allow prospective clients to always have access to the order summary details when in-cart on their mobile devices. In the control, the order summary is only seen if the user scrolls to the bottom and passes all 4 tiles.


Having the ability to see the order summary without leaving where the decision to convert was, would reduce confusion and doubt.


Test Duration 8 weeks

  • Variant drove 30% (17) more orders by converting 6 pp higher compared to the control.
    • The lift in CCVR was seen in the overall month-over-month mobile conversion rate.
  • 4 pp more users entered their email & completed the first step, with low abandonment in the remaining steps.
  • Although engagement with expandable order summary was low at 1%, the sticky CTA seems to have made it easier for clients to progress through the steps.