The Assignment:

Godiva Liqueurs didn’t have its own website. We have been running a Facebook campaign for them for a little over a year now, and they had listings on They didn’t however, have their own website. And they wanted one in three weeks, for their holiday season.

The Approach

I did a competitive analysis to see what everyone else was doing. I then did an extensive I.A. exercise.  Our timeline meant we couldn’t go too big but I wanted to give our client what they needed for a successful campaign.  And give them a site their customers were looking for. We determined the mindset of our customer was investigating options for “her night out” and “her girl’s night in”.  Then as the week continued toward the weekend she moved to shopping mode. What ingredients did she need for the drinks she had decided on earlier in the week.


Here is one of the earlier designs. My role on this project was primarily IA and Creative Direction.

Below are the wireframes I created for this project. You can see in the wires, this was a responsive design from the beginning. We created a place where the user would  be inspired to create drinks that they might not have even known existed. I designed the content of the pages to establish Godiva Liqueur as “the ingredient” of the chocolate martini. We created an area for “Pin-able” content that would allow her to take girl’s night out to new heights. Unfortunately many of these features were ultimately cut. Due to constraints of development and having to build on an existing CMS. We hope to add these features later.