The Assignment:

Create a website that will bring awareness to the many categories of products that Newman’s Own now offers. They also wanted a way to elevate the idea of “good food” in association with their products.

The Approach:

Newman’s Own is a brand with loyal customers that know them for their salad dressings. Not necessarily for all of the other great products that they have to offer. We set out to create a website that would elevate the breadth of products/categories they have to offer. We also wanted to make people think of the products as all natural food, and not just packaged goods.

Mood boards

I started the design process well before the wireframes with a bare bones look and feel exercise. The brand had many looks to it’s packaging and not an overall look for the brand. Newman’s Own likes to maintain the feel set by the founder Paul Newman, as a company started in his garage.

Natural Textures

Here are some of the early concepts that lead me to the final design. My role on this project was as IA and designer.

The following year they decide to create a mobile version of the site. I created the IA and the design. See the IA on Dribbble.