The Challenge:

Presenting is a challenge. Whether it is in a classroom, boardroom or crowd of thousands of fans. So, how do we practice?  In front of the mirror is one way, but my friend Matt and I thought of a better way.

The Solution:

We decided there had to be a better way, a technology that could help us all become better presenters. We created the DryRun app to do just that. The app allows you to practice to an audience of your choosing. Your presentation, or your “DryRun” is then recorded. You are provided the ability to track any “trip ups” you make along the way. Track your performance as you practice and improve.

NEW Prototype

I designed the app to be simple, as not to let the UI get in the way.

I created a responsive website to help market the app.

These are the early wireframes I created and prototyped in keynote.