My Story

I started my design career before the internet. Designing CD-ROM sales material experiences, and promotional print design materials. When the internet emerged I had to make the leap. I left my print design job to begin at a 3 person dot com. That is when my digital design career truly began. I have been designing digital experiences for 16+ years.

I think what makes me unique is my love of learning new things. I thrive on the challenge that self-teaching offers. When I received my BFA in design we didn’t use computers much. I learned Macromedia Director while designing my first CD-ROM. I went on from there to learn HTML and CSS. I believe you are a better designer when you understand how to build it. I learned flash and action script when that was the thing to know. I have dabbled in aftereffects to push my animations in flash farther.

I study design trends and I am interested in the strategy of things. I enjoy the discovery phase of design as much as I like the design phase. I am not a developer, though I know a lot about development. My passion is design. My design just happens to come from my knowledge of the whole picture. I am a strong designer, leader, and teacher.